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If you’d like to share your opinions, news, or guide with our readers, please submit an article. You can submit articles on any topics that would be of interest to our readers.

In order to be published, you must adhere to the rules listed below. I am the final say on all published content, so if I don't think it works well with the site, or requires too much editing, I will NOT publish.

I invite topics related to:

  • Preparedness
  • Survivalism
  • Off-the-grid living
  • Prepping for disaster
  • Survival skills
  • Homesteading
  • Financial preparedness (as it relates specifically to Preppers)

Guest Post Submission Rules

Topics must revolve around preparedness, emergencies, prepping, survival, security or sustainable living (see more details above).

  • Posts must be 1,000 words or longer
  • The content must be your own original work and cannot be posted anywhere else (I will check)
  • Any images must have been taken by yourself and by submitting you grant rights to use on TheSimplePrepper.com
  • You can submit multiple articles
  • All submissions will become the property of TheSimplePrepper
  • I reserve the right to publish or choose not to should the content be against the purpose of this site, requires too much editing, does not flow well, or maybe just isn't a good fit for the site
  • I reserve to right to NOT contact you regarding the status of a submission - too many emails to handle
  • I will include 1 link back to your site if you wish, but you must submit a 1-2 sentence summary of who you are and the site you wish to link back to
  • I will NOT include any affiliate links or links that are not relevant to the post
  • TheSimplePrepper reserves the right to edit the content where necessary and to include any links should they fit

If you’re happy to write a post, we want to hear from you!

Step 1:

Simply send in your ideas to our contact form below and we’ll get back to you with more information. Because of the volume of submissions, we cannot respond to each post inquiry. Thank you!

Step 2:

If I like your ideas, I will reply back with the all clear to proceed.  I don't want to waste anyone's time, so this is typically the most efficient way.