25 Prepper Stocking Stuffer Ideas

25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Preppers, Survivalists, or Outdoorsman (under $20)  

Some people love Christmas movies, some love the fantastic meals with family and friends, some love presents, but for my wife... she just LOVES stockings!  It must be all of the little gifts, well thought out, and stuffed together in an over-sized stocking.  I get it of course, and end up spending just as much time finding things for her stocking as I do her regular presents. If you find yourself looking for that last minute gift perfect for your loved one, look no further!  We have put in the work for you and compiled a list of the 25 best stocking stuffer ideas for the prepper, survivalist, or outdoorsman in your life!  Nearly all of these gifts are under $20, but a few are just a bit more (under $25) - they are too good to not include on this list!

1) Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel (link)

This awesome little fire starter comes with whistle and is always handy in a pinch!

2) Travelambo Front Pocket Slim Wallet RFID Blocking (link)

The perfect gift for the guy who has everything! Slim down your wallet and protect against your information being stolen with RFID blocking technology.

3) BellFyd Tactical EDC Pen with Glass Breaker (link)

Great little EDC pen - versatile, made for defense, a perfect addition to any stocking!

4) Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Pouch (link)

Perfect to keep in a bug out bag, in your prepper stash, or even use when camping or hiking!

5) RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank AM/FM NOAA Survival Weather Radio (link

The Running Snail emergency radio includes standard AM/FM but also NOAA weather bands to stay up to date during emergencies.  Best of all, it does not require batteries and can be charged in 3 different ways: USB, hand crank, or solar charging!  I have this in my house and it works great!

6) Don't Die in the Woods Survival Tent / 2 Person Mylar Emergency Shelter (link)

Pretty awesome shelter made of mylar.  Comes with paracord to build an A frame shelter plus a handy carrying case.  This is a good addition to a glove box if you live somewhere cold where you could find yourself stranded in a ditch during a snow storm!

7) Tactical Holster with Military Molle Designed for EDC (link)

Great way to store your EDC items in your backpack or throw it in a glove box!  Has a handy belt strap to attach if you find yourself on a hike and need to keep things readily available.

8) Heavy Duty Folding Hand Saw (link)

A solid 11 inch blade on this folding saw means you can cut through some serious wood!  Be sure to have one for your next camping or hiking trip!

9) Ultra Bright 10 Pack Glow Sticks (link)

Be sure to keep these handy in your room, in your garage or basement, and in your car.  You never know when you might need some emergency lighting!

10) Hand Crank and Solar Powered Flashlight (link)

I personally have 3 of these in my house.  They work great!

11) Survival MultiTool Credit Card Sized (link)

Hope you never need to use this card, but if you do - you will be glad you have it!

12) 15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seed Survival Garden (link)

Be prepared in case you ever need to grow your own food!  This packet comes with 32 varieties of vegetables to get things started.

13) Camping Light Bulbs 4 Pack (link)

Great for camping or around the home.  Once you have these, you are certain to find that you want more!

14) SAS Survival Handbook - The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere (link)

Great addition to any Prepper library!  This book has nearly 600 pages with step-by-step instructions on how to survive anything!

15) Vigilant Trails Pocket Survival Snares (link)

In a survival situation - when the stores are closed, this handy kit can keep you alive!  It comes in a small tin and provides the ultimate backup plan for survivalists.

16) LifeStraw Personal Water Filter (link)

Always a best seller, this handy tool provides for instant water filtration.  No need to have bulky or expensive equipment when you can have this for an emergency.  (Also great for hiking or camping in more remote areas)

17) Emergency Multi-Tool with Hammer and Axe (link)

Not many multi-tools include a hammer, and axe, and pliers!  This is a great piece to have handy when it matter most.

18) Survival Hax 105 Piece Emergency First Aid Kit (link)

Great investment piece for your car or bedside.

19) Schrade SCAXE10 - 11 inch Full Tang Hatchet (link)

Ok this one may be hard to fit in a stocking, but can you imagine their face when they see this kick ass Hatchet hanging out?  Check out a few other options here (some more expensive though).

20) SUUNTO A-10 Field Compass (link)

Using a compass and map accurately is a serious skill!  Be sure your loved one has the best with SUUNTO!  Perfect for hiking, camping, or emergency situations.

21) Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival (link)

A great field guide to help you make the most of a backcountry trip or survival situation.  When SHTF, you will want this book!

22) Zippo Emergency Fire Kit (link)

Let's be honest.  Sometimes starting a fire can be really hard.  This kit includes long lasting tinder designed to burn for up to 5 minutes.  That's long enough to get just about anything burning.

23) Perfect Point Throwing Knife Set (link)

Nice 3 piece set with nylon sheath for safe and easy transport.

24) Professional Slingshot from Wisdoman, includes 50 Steel Balls (link)

Imagine the smile when your loved one pops a soda can in the backyard on their first shot!  This slingshot provides loads of fun and has real world survival situation benefits as well.

25) Diroca Outdoor Paracord Bracelet (link)

This paracord bracelet packs a ton of punch for its small size.  Tons of survival gear wrapped into the paracord, but still stylish for EDC. Check out other options here.

Check out these 25 stocking stuffer ideas for the Prepper in your life!