Top 5 Tactical Gloves for Preppers

Choosing the best tactical gloves for your Prepper tool kit can be a daunting task.  It is important to consider all of the requirements that are top for you.  Will these gloves simply sit in a bug out bag awaiting some future use, or will you also find other uses for the gloves along the way?  To help out with your selection, we've created this buying guide to outline top features and our picks for Prepper Tactical Gloves.

First, we'll discuss what you should look for when selecting your tactical gloves.  Use this as an opportunity to think about your needs, use cases, and top priority features depending on your situation.  Then, check out our top picks for various Prepper needs!

How to choose tactical gloves for your Prepper tool kit

Finding tactical gloves these days is actually pretty easy.  Unfortunately given the wide variety of options, the harder task is finding the right pair.  Here are some of the key things to consider when selecting your Tactical gloves:

Intended Purpose

The most important part of the selection process is envisioning the right application for your tactical gloves, which will ultimately lead you to the ideal pair.  Do you intend on using the gloves for shooting, protection, bug out bag, cold weather, or even keep around the house for general heavy labor?  All of these use cases will lead you to a different glove.  Lucky for you we have screened the ideal glove for each situation below!


Putting added fabric on your hands for tactical reasons - shooting, protection, etc can be a life saver in certain situations.  Unfortunately if you live in a hot climate or intend to wear your gloves for long periods of time, the added heat can be very uncomfortable.  Be sure to make sure your glove can work for your environment - whether it be hot or cold, you can find the ideal pair for your needs.


Padding and protection are must haves for tactical gloves.  However be sure to think about how much you really need for your situation.  Do you really need hard knuckles or cut resistant fabric?  Remember added protection can make things like shooting harder given the added bulk.

Our Top Picks

Now that you know what to look for in a solid pair of Tactical Gloves, let's get right to our top picks. 






Best Overall Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear M-Pact Tactical Gloves

The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Tactical Gloves are the best standard tactical gloves on the market today.  While they may not have all the bells and whistles that the others on our list feature, they are highly trusted by law enforcement and service members- and rightly so.  The gloves are made of both leather and faux leather to provide enhanced padding in the palm of your hand.  The back of the glove is made of a breathable material to keep your hand cool and dry.  Added impact protection rubber on the back of these gloves helps to guard against impact and abrasions in the field.  All around the gloves are great all around tactical gloves that will meet most needs, protection, shooting, camping/hiking, etc.  The gloves come in multiple colors BLACK, CAMOUFLAGE, AND COYOTE TAN.


  • Designed for shooting – The M-Pact gloves were made with the shooter in mind as they added a unique first knuckle impact guard allows for easy trigger guard entry.
  • Durable – Mechanix gloves have a great industry reputation and these gloves certainly live up to the hype.  I have personally used mine for hard manual labor around the house (demo, tiling, carpentry, etc.) and they stand up great to any type of use or project you throw their way.


  • These are a standard glove that lack some of the unique features of the other gloves reviewed.

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves (fingerless)

FreeToo Heavy Duty

FreeToo Heavy Duty tactical gloves come in both a full fingered and fingerless version.  Our review relates to the fingerless version, which we consider the best shooting gloves for general survival and prepping.

FreeToo gloves are made from a variety of materials (nylon, spandex, synthetic leather) which provides users with a high degree of protection from abrasion and scratching while also allowing proper breathable comfort that is to be expected.  These gloves fit snug and provide an appropriate level of movement and dexterity making them perfect for shooting, paintball, etc.  The material is designed to be breathable which means that they will work well most times of the year, but are not appropriate cold weather tactical gloves.  The palm of the glove is made of two layers of synthetic leather providing a high degree of padding and anti-skid gridding. 


  • Fit – The fit of these gloves is what makes them stand out from their peers.  The nylon material and adjustable wrist band mean that once these gloves are on and broken in, they are very comfortable and almost feel like part of your body.
  • FREETOO provides a 3 month warranty on their products and are happy to replace during that window for any reason! 
  • Knuckles – I have this also listed as a Con, so bear with me while I explain.  The knuckles on these gloves are not made from a rock hard piece of composite which some may be looking for (hence the con below).  However, I really do appreciate the padded knuckles that come with the glove.  As a prepper having that extra layer of padding is appreciated should SHTF!


  • Hard Knuckles – It is worth nothing that many online outlets do not sell true hard knuckle gloves.  It should be noted that the FreeToo tactical gloves have knuckle padding, not true hard composite material. 

Best High End Tactical Gloves

Magpul Core Breach Gloves

The Magpul Core Breach Gloves are top of the line tactical gloves appropriate for all applications.  These gloves are made of leather for the palms (provide nice protection for recoil) and corded nylon stretch fabric on the back of the hand (good level of breathability).  The gloves can be a bit on the bulky side, but that is the tradeoff for the high level of protection that these gloves offer.  As with other tactical gloves, these come equipped with padded knuckles.


  • Touch screen capability – Magpul certainly added all the bells and whistles with these gloves by ensuring touch screen capability with 3 fingers (thumb, index, and middle).  This is a great feature to have if you plan on using these regularly (hiking, hunting, riding) and need to be able to grab your phone without taking off your gloves.
  • Quality – With a high end glove, this should be expected.  The quality of these gloves is very apparent when you try them on.  The material is high end and the fit and comfort level is very high.


  • I really struggled to find much to say here, but I would say in general with all tactical gloves, they eventually will wear out.  That is true for every pair, including these.  The point is to find a pair that suits your needs and lasts as long as possible!  On the wear and tear, the first feature to wear off of these gloves is the touch screen material.  However, that should be expected given the delicate nature of touch screen material and the fact that it is on your fingertips which get a lot of use.

Best Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves

Youngstown Titan XT Glove

The Youngstown Titan XT Glove is not your typical tactical glove.  It was designed for rugged, high impact risky work like oil and gas, mining, demolition etc.  As such, the glove is lined with Kevlar throughout and designed to provide superior protection for cuts and scratches on all parts of your hand.  Traditional work gloves are created in flat, two-piece patterns and create an awkward fit that requires the worker to remove the glove from time to time to accomplish simple tasks.   The Youngstown Glove pattern features a palm, top, separate thumb piece, and finger side panels, allowing the glove to fit so securely on your hand you'll be able to perform any number of tasks without taking the glove off.


  • Protection – These gloves offer serious protection for your hands.  They are ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A5 (out of A9) and Puncture Level 4 (out of 5).  This means you could literally grab rough metal, blades, etc. with no damage to your hands.  For the serious prepper this is a major benefit for self-defense.
  • Superior Fit – Youngstown takes fit to the next level with their multi-dimensional glove design.  These gloves have padding in all the right places and reinforced materials to prevent rips and damage.


  • Color – The glove was not designed specifically for tactical uses, more heavy duty work.  As such, the color of the glove is designed to make it highly visible.  Given the other superior features of the glove, we feel the color is a minor issue for tactical purposes.
  • Shooting – Since these gloves were designed specifically to protect your hands, some may find them a bit bulky for shooting.  They do include padded protection on all fingers, including the trigger finger.  This could be an important factor if shooting was your primary use for the gloves.

Added bonus, you can enhance your protection with these level 5 cut resistant sleeves (Hilinker 17 inch sleeves)! This way you can protect not only your hands from cuts but also your forearm, wrist, and elbows.

Best Tactical Gloves for Cold Weather

Youngstown Cold Weather

Cold weather gloves are very difficult to meet all expectations.  Your hands will feel very different if you are up and about moving versus sitting still while hunting.  When searching for the best tactical gloves for cold weather, we biased on the side of improved movement and dexterity and have found the ideal glove for cold conditions!  The Youngstown Cold Weather glove is not only designed for winter conditions, they also feature a triple-layer waterproof technology made from a microfleece inner liner, a 100% waterproof middle layer, and a durable outer shell.  Combined with Thinsulate inside the top of the hand, these gloves really perform well in cold weather conditions. 


  • Designed for the Cold – Everything about these gloves was designed to deal with cold weather and possibly wet conditions.  They are heavy duty and very warm if you are moving around.  Youngstown thought of everything with these gloves - they even include a terry cloth brow wipe on the top of the thumb!  A very useful feature in my experience.
  • Grip – Even though the gloves are waterproof and windproof, they took special care to consider the grip in the palm and ensure they are non-slip even when wet on the outside. 


  • Protection – We prioritized cold weather performance for these gloves, and as such some features of other tactical gloves are simply not available.  Kevlar, hard knuckles, and other tactical features are simply not available for gloves that can truly perform in cold weather and are waterproof like these Youngstown gloves.
  • Shooting – Since these gloves were designed specifically for cold weather, they are probably too bulky for shooting for most people.