The Best Diversion Safe – How to Outsmart a Thief

A criminal breaks into your home while you’re away and manages to get away with money, jewelry, family heirlooms, and other valuables. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but what if you could have saved your possessions, too? If only there was a way to protect your valuables when you’re not at home.  Enter: the best diversion safes to hide your valuables!

Although you could get yourself a regular safe, unless it’s bolted to the floor, a thief could just skedaddle away with the safe and break it open elsewhere. That’s where diversion safes are useful. They hide your valuable items in plain sight, which gives them the added advantage of being so inconspicuous, no one would ever consider that they’re hiding something valuable.

When most of us think of diversion safes, we often think of a hide-a-key rock – which isn’t really that good at hiding anything. Thankfully, diversion safes have come a long way since people first started needing to hide valuables in plain sight. Modern diversion safes run the gamut from highly sophisticated to incredibly simple, so there’s something out there for everyone.

But how do you know which diversion safe is best for your needs? Since there are a lot of different diversions safes out there on the market today, we’re here to help you understand the basics of diversion safes and how to choose one for your home.

What is a Diversion Safe?

Okay, first things first, what exactly is a diversion safe? If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood movie, chances are pretty good that you’ve seen a diversion safe before, even if just on the big screen. A diversion safe is any regular object that’s modified to conceal something else. This can be a carved-out book, a bucket with a false bottom, or even a beer can.

Diversion safes work well because they operate on the assumption that a thief isn’t going to want to spend a lot of time in your house searching through every nook and cranny to find a gold ring or a few hundred bucks. Rather, they’re going to go to the common valuable storage spaces in homes, collect any obvious objects of value, and get out of your home as quickly as they can.

With a diversion safe, you beat a thief at their own game. They’re looking for the obvious and with a diversion safe, you give them things that are so common and inconspicuous, they wouldn’t even give them a second glance.

Choosing the Best Diversion Safe – 4 Tips

Before you rush out and buy or make some diversion safes, however, there are a few things you ought to know. Here are some top tips for choosing a diversion safe:

1) Shoot for Boring

The more mundane the diversion safe, the better. If your diversion safe stands out in any way from its environment, it no longer does its job as well as it could. This goes for placement, too. Even if your diversion safe is an ordinary object, like a bottle of Windex, if you have it sitting on your bedside table, it looks suspicious.

2) Make it Believable

We’ve all seen carved out book diversion safes in a gift shop, but how many of them would you mistake them for a book? Sure, such diversion safes sort-of act like a “safe”, but a good diversion safe looks just like any other ordinary object.

3) Use Something Secure

You could easily stuff a few hundred dollars into an old toothpaste container, but what if your roommate or friend tries to use the toothpaste? Hopefully, they’re trustworthy enough not to steal from you, but all too often, people rely purely on disguise with their diversion safes.

The best diversion safes will have some sort of locking mechanism, in addition to a good disguise. These locks won’t stop a burglar from taking your “empty” bottle of laundry detergent with them back to their shop, but it will be enough of a deterrent for some curious people, which makes it worth the extra investment.

4) Try to Avoid Junk

Although it’s tempting to reuse that old paint can or shoe box to hide your valuables, items such as these often get tossed out or lost, especially if you live with others or frequently have guests. Sure, you wouldn’t forget that your empty shampoo bottle has money in it, but your mother might not think twice about throwing it out the next time she comes over for a visit.

Instead of choosing junk for a diversion safe, use something that your average person wouldn’t think to throw out, like a potted plant. These objects have a bit more permanence in most people’s lives, so they, along with your valuables, are less likely to get misplaced or worse – thrown away.

The 5 Best Diversion Safes to Consider

Now that you know what to look for in a diversion safe, it’s time to start shopping around. Choosing just one out of thousands of potential diversion safes can be difficult, though, especially when you shop online.

This is because there aren’t any major brands that manufacture diversion safes, as this would be completely counterproductive. If a brand started churning out millions of “antique” diversions safe books that all look exactly the same, you can be sure that any good thief would know what to look for if they couldn’t find anything else worth stealing in your home.

To get the ball rolling on what may work best for your situation, check out these 5 options available online today!

1) Water Bottle Safe

Reusable water bottles are all the rage these days as people try to reduce the amount of single-use plastics they use in favor of a more environmentally-friendly alternative. This water bottle diversion safe looks just like many of the popular reusable water bottles but unscrews at the bottom to reveal the safe inside. Although the safe doesn’t lock, the water bottle looks so real that it’s unlikely anyone would ever suspect it for a safe.

If that wasn’t good enough, this water bottle diversion safe actually functions as a real water bottle! This means that you can carry around your water bottle and use it to drink water at the gym, at work, or at school to hide extra money, spare keys, or other valuables, and no one would have any idea that your water bottle is anything but a water bottle. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

2) Lint Roller Safe

This diversion safe is made from a real Scotch lint roller that works, so you can hide your valuables in plain sight without tipping anyone off. Unlike some other diversion safes, which are knock-offs of products from big-name brands, this diversion safe looks just like any other household object, which is great for keeping your valuables away from thieves.

Even though this lint roller safe doesn’t have a lock, the hidden compartment is only accessible by unscrewing the top part of the plastic piece of the lint roller. Luckily, this plastic piece is not easy to unscrew by a casual user, so it’s unlikely that kids or others will be able to accidentally break into your safe.

3) Hairbrush Safe

If you’re looking to hide some cash, this hairbrush safe might be your go-to diversion safe. This safe looks and feels just like a hairbrush but has a top plastic cap that can pop off to reveal the empty compartment inside. Although the compartment is small, it’s the perfect size for hiding a rolled-up wad of cash.

With this diversion safe, you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place, however; as a fully functional hairbrush, you can use this brush daily, while also knowing that your money is safe inside. As a plus, its not often that you throw away hairbrushes, so the risk of this getting tossed some day by a relative is very low.

4) Book Safe with Key Lock

An oldie, but a goodie, the carved-out book is a classic way to hide something in plain sight. This book safe is made to look exactly like a dictionary but opens so you can store money and valuables inside. The secret storage compartment in this book is lined with metal and secured with a key lock, which is great for keeping thieves out and your valuables safe. The lock itself isn’t self-locking, either, which means it’s impossible to accidentally lock the keys inside!

The best part about this safe? Since this safe is disguised as a dictionary, it blends in quite well on a bookshelf, so it’s unlikely to attract any attention unless you have a bookworm in the family. Plus, the weight of the safe feels just like that of a book, so it’s unlikely to tip off a thief in the off chance that they do pick it up.

5) Comet Cleaner Diversion Safe

Made from a real Comet Powder Bleach Cleaner can, this diversion safe can hold a lot of valuable items without ever tipping off thieves that it’s anything other than a humble can of cleaning supplies. Plus, the can is weighted with actual comet powder, so even someone who picks it up would be none the wiser that it’s not actually a can of bleach.

The best part about this diversion safe is that it’s so ordinary, no one would think twice about it. Many people have extra cleaning supplies under their kitchen or bathroom sink, so no one would think it’s out of the ordinary to have a can or two of Comet in the home. Plus, people rarely ever store anything besides cleaning supplies under a sink, so it’s unlikely that a thief would look there for valuables anyway.  However, do be careful to consider this accidentally getting tossed someday.  Looking so ordinary can be a downfall for things that have little value to anyone.

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