Best Tactical Dog Vest and Gear

Find the Best Tactical Gear For your Dog! 

Your dog is more than just your pet – it is your everyday companion. So whether for adventure or work, it only makes sense that your dog should be outfitted with tactical gear as well as you are.

Tactical dog gear is designed to help you and your dog get through your most rough-and-tumble activities safely and with greater efficiency than could ever be achieved with your everyday dog gear. Whereas typical dog gear is designed for nothing more than the neighborhood park, tactical dog collars, harnesses, and backpacks are meant to be extremely durable, protective, and adaptable to whatever situations you and your dog may find themselves in. This type of gear is essential if you want to take your dog out into potentially hazardous conditions and can open up new possibilities for where you can bring your dog with you.

Tactical versions of standard dog gear aren’t just for the extreme – they’re perfect if you depend on your dog in nearly any situation beyond standard dog walking. For example, if you bring your dog along on outdoor adventures or hunting trips, you are highly likely to run into rough brambles, rocks, extreme weather conditions, or even steep terrain that could require you to carry your dog. Tactical dog vests and backpacks can also enable your dog to carry their own supplies for the trip so that you don’t have to.

A tactical dog leash or vest can also be handy for service dogs identify them as service animals and to allow them to carry emergency supplies. Police and military members can also use a tactical dog vest to help protect their dog from harm and to store small pieces of equipment. Plus, tactical dog backpacks can be helpful for simply tiring out extremely energetic dogs by adding weight for them to carry.

Thanks to the versatility and growing popularity of tactical dog gear, there is a huge variety of dog collars, vests, and backpacks to choose from. Although this means there is almost certainly a set of gear that is perfect for your dog’s needs on the market, it can also make choosing among the many possibilities overwhelming.

To make it easier to cut through the laundry list of tactical dog gear, we’re highlighting some of the most loved pieces of gear currently on the market. These collars, vests, harnesses, backpacks, and leashes are among the most durable, adaptable, and useful pieces of gear for outfitting your dog for whatever adventure you and your dog are heading out on next.

The 3 Best Tactical Dog Collars

1) Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Dog Collar

The Excellent Elite Spanker tactical dog collar is designed to be both easy to use for you and comfortable for your dog. The collar cinches first with Velcro, which makes it easy to get the perfect fit around your dog’s neck even when they don’t want to sit still, and then with an oversized metal buckle that users found to be extremely sturdy even against jerking motions. The buckle is adjustable with a nylon strap and the Velcro covers a long strip so it is easy to adjust the collar to your dog’s neck. On the inside, the collar is plushly padded and the seams are tucked away to keep your dog’s neck from chafing over extended wear. The collar also features a durable nylon handle that can be cinched down with a strip of Velcro when not in use, although most users found this Velcro extraneous. Users appreciated the metal D-ring for peace of mind that the leash is secure to the collar as well as the long strip of Velcro for attaching identification tags.


  • Combination Velcro and metal buckle for fastening
  • Easily adjustable
  • Padded interior to prevent chafing


  • Extraneous Velcro around nylon control handle

2) FDC Heavy Duty Tactical K9 Dog Collar

The FDC Heavy Duty collar is designed for serious durability thanks to the double layer of nylon webbing. Users reported that the edges of the collar fray after only a few weeks of use, but the fraying is primarily cosmetic and does not rip the stitching. The collar is relatively simple in design, featuring only a metal leash attachment point and a small handle to allow you to grab your dog and keep them close by if the need arises. The collar is cinched tight with Velcro and an oversized, military-grade plastic buckle that users found have holds fast even on large, high-energy dogs. Users were slightly disappointed that the Velcro was only on the inside of the collar, meaning that there was no way to attach identification patches. Another nice feature of the collar is that it is designed to withstand machine washing to make cleaning easy.


  • Handle for holding dog close
  • Durable nylon webbing
  • Machine washable


  • No external Velcro for attaching patches
  • Edges fray quickly

3) Miles Tactical K9 ID Dog Collar

The Miles Tactical dog collar is specific to medium and large dogs thanks to the extra wide 1.5-inch nylon webbing, which provides more comfort for your dog when pulling on the collar compared to narrow collars. Users loved the steel Cobra buckle, which is one of the heaviest duty clasps you’ll find on a dog collar. The collar has a long strip of Velcro on the outside to allow placing multiple identification patches, as well as a smaller swivel ring alongside the leash V-ring for attaching additional identification tags. Both of these rings are plastic rather than metal, which seems strange given the powerful metal Cobra buckle, although users did not report any issues with the plastic snapping. The collar also comes with a five foot tactical dog leash that matches the color of the collar and has a built-in nylon handle to allow you to grab your dog when needed.


  • Steel Cobra buckle
  • 1.5-inch wide nylon webbing
  • Comes with five foot leash


  • Plastic V-ring for leash attachment

The 8 Best Tactical Dog Vests and Harnesses

1) Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Nylon Adjustable K9 Dog Harness

The Excellent Elite quarter-size dog vest uses a simple design with no carry functions, but in doing so provides all of the essential functions of a tactical dog harness with little extra to get in the way. The harness has two large, plastic buckles on either side (users did not report issues with the durability of the buckles) to fine tune the fit of the harness. A wide nylon strap running from the neck strap and down your dog’s chest to the underside of the harness keeps it centered over your dog’s back without restricting leg motion or getting tangled. However, some dogs still found the harness uncomfortable and users adjusted by keeping it slightly looser than intended. The top of the harness features a durable aluminum leash loop, a grab handle that stays tight to the harness when not in use, and Velcro bands on either side of the harness neck for attaching identification patches.


  • Belly strap to keep harness centered
  • Velcro bands for identification patches
  • Simple, easy-on design


  • Some dogs find the harness uncomfortable, requiring a loose fit
  • No carry system

2) Signature K9 Modular Ultimate Load Bearing Harness

The Signature K9 full-body harness is designed with carrying loads in mind, making it perfect for both service dogs and extended outdoor adventure. The harness has a full-length Velcro strip running down the top, as well as medium-length Velcro strips on either side just above the legs. In addition, the upper sides of the harness are covered with nylon attachment loops to allow you to attach nearly anything with a custom attachment setup. There are grab loops for holding or carrying your dog, although they are relatively thin nylon compared to the remainder of the harness and users don’t fully trust them to hold a large dog’s weight. Another downside to this harness, especially for longer trips with more weight, is the non-padded neck collar – which can make the collar uncomfortable for your dog and can cause chafing if your dog has a relatively narrow chest that allows the front of the collar to flare outward rather than fit tightly.


  • Modular Velcro and nylon attachment point carrying system
  • Easily adjustable fit


  • Front strap can cause chafing if fit is not perfect
  • Not machine washable

3) OneTigris Tactical Service Dog Vest 

The OneTigris tactical dog vest is designed to work with the modular MOLLE carry system, enabling you to fit a wide variety of bags, pouches, and identification systems onto the side of the vest and interchange them easily. In addition to the side Velcro strips, the top of the harness has Velcro for attaching identification patches. Users appreciated that the straps on this vest were fully padded, making it much more comfortable for extended wear and carrying. However, the vest is somewhat tight, especially on larger dogs, which can make it somewhat hot in the summer. In addition, when the vest fits tightly, the nylon strap on the top of the harness is tight enough that it is not really possible to fit much under it. The four-buckle system is secure and easy to get on and off, although the nylon webbing can hang down when tightened if the vest is slightly oversized for your dog’s chest. The grab handle on the front of the vest is sturdy, thick nylon, and the only addition that users wished for was a second leash attachment buckle on the front of the collar to make standard walking a little easier.


  • MOLLE carry system
  • Easy to buckle and adjust
  • Thick, sturdy grab handle


  • Nylon webbing can hang down
  • Tight fit can be hot and makes bungee cords too tight to use

4) OUTRY Tactical Dog Training Harness 

The OUTRY full-body harness is one of the most lushly padded harnesses you can find and as a result users reported very few issues with it being uncomfortable for their dogs. The front nylon strap in particular is covered with a plush padding, while the body of the harness is a soft mesh that makes it quite breathable even when the fit is relatively tight. The harness features two nylon grab handles and two leash attachment buckles, one on each end of the harness, to provide flexibility for however you want to control your dog. In addition to a MOLLE carrying system on the sides of the harness, there is a four inch wide Velcro patch running the length of the top of the harness to provide plenty of space for attaching identification patches. Although the strap system is easy to get on the dog, buckle, and adjust, it does have some issues with staying centered and balanced once the carry system is weighted.


  • Breathable 1000D nylon mesh and padded front strap
  • Two handles and two leash attachment points
  • MOLLE carry system


  • Difficult to keep centered once weighted

5) OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest 

Users rave about the OneTigris full-body military dog harness from OneTigris thanks to its incredibly durable construction and fully loaded carrying system. The vest is made entirely from 1000D nylon, but comes with the added benefits of a mesh interior around your dog’s body for cooling and comfort as well as a cloth pad around the neck strap. The oversized plastic buckles and simple over-the-back design make this harness extremely easy to get on and adjust, although the webbing can hang down when tightened. The vest includes a MOLLE carrying system with ample hoops and loops to allow you to attach nearly any supplies or pouches to your dog, plus the wide Velcro strap across the top of the vest provides space for identification patches. Users also appreciated having nylon handles at either end of the vest, which enable safely carrying even large dogs, as well as two leash attachment points for different control needs.


  • Breathable 1000D nylon mesh and cloth-padded front strap
  • MOLLE carry system
  • Simple to get on and off with oversized buckles


  • Can sag to one side when weighted
  • Nylon webbing can hang down when tightened

6) JASGOOD Tactical Dog Training Vest

This JASGOOD K9 tactical vest is one of the few to come with a set of three matching Velcro pouches to go with the built-in MOLLE carrying system, making it a great value overall. Users also appreciated JASGOOD’s customer service team and responsiveness to customer questions. The design of the vest is consistent with other MOLLE-compatible vests, including a set of hoops and loops on either side and a long Velcro strip down the top of the harness to provide space for identification patches. The vest is easy to get on and off thanks to the simple design with two nylon straps and a cloth-padded collar strap. However, the vest is not as breathable as other 1000D nylon vests and the sticky interior mesh, which is designed to keep the harness from sliding when loaded, can actually cause rubbing on your dog’s back in hot conditions. In addition, users report modifying the nylon underbelly straps to add padding since the edges can be sharp against your dog’s skin when tightened down.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Comes with set of three carry pouches
  • MOLLE carry system


  • Interior mesh can cause chafing
  • Nylon straps need padding to protect against sharp edges

7) Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Service Dog Vest 

The Excellent Elite full-length vest is simple and comfortable, with a soft nylon underside to most of the vest and a wide, padded strap that runs from your dog’s chest to connect to the four wide plastic buckles. Although this system works well for keeping the harness centered over your dog’s back, even when the built-in MOLLE carry system is weighted, some users found that the fit was awkward for their dogs and difficult to adjust. The wide, sturdy handle on the front of the harness is perfect for training and keeping your dog close at hand, but will not enable you to lift your dog since there is no rear handle. Users also wished for a second leash attachment point, since there is only one behind the dog’s neck. The long Velcro strip down the back of the harness provides space for identification patches and the bungee cord is useful for quickly carrying small items like doggie bags or a leash.


  • Soft nylon underside for comfort
  • MOLLE carry system
  • Bungee cord for quick storage


  • Fit is awkward on some dogs
  • No rear handle for lifting and only one leash attachment point

8) Ultrafun Tactical Dog Harness 

The Unltrafun full-length tactical dog harness is lightweight, but sturdy enough to handle large and energetic dogs. The strap design includes four buckles, although only two need to be released to get the harness on and off. The wide, padded nylon that runs under the chest helps to keep the harness centered. The harness comes with a set of three matching pouches that connect to the built-in MOLLE carrying system, which users loved for everything from running with the dog to multi-day backpacking trips. The nylon bungee strap on the back of the vest added to the versatility of the carrying system as well. However, note that there is no ventilation in the nylon to allow cooling on hot days. Users appreciated the large grab handle on the front of the harness for keeping the dog close, but wished for a second leash attachment point in front of the chest in addition to the one behind the neck. 


  • Comes with set of three pouches for MOLLE carrying system
  • Soft and sturdy underbelly nylon padding
  • Large grab handle on front of harness


  • No mesh for breathability on hot days
  • Only one grab handle and leash attachment point

The Best Tactical Dog Gear

OneTigris Dog Pack 

This OneTigris tactical dog backpack is made from cotton canvas that gives it a rugged rucksack look as well as offers long-term durability for a lifetime of rough trips. Note that the canvas does not offer much breathability during hot summer trips. The pack is uncomplicated with one large zippered pouch on each side, which users found each fit about two standard water bottles. Plus, each pouch has a small internal zipper for additional organization. However, for those who like to keep very organized, the lack of space dividers and water bottle holders can be frustrating and there are no hoops and loops to add additional pouches. The top of the pack has a large grab handle that can be used for carrying your dog in a pinch and two metal D-rings to give options for leash attachment points. The harness system is highly adjustable with three plastic buckles and the webbing tucks into rubber holders on the straps themselves so they don’t get in the way.


  • Durable cotton canvas construction
  • Two large pouches with internal zipper pockets
  • Nylon webbing doesn’t hang down when tightened


  • Cotton canvas can be hot during summer trips
  • Not many options for organization or additional pouches

Ruffwear Palisades Multi-day Backcountry Pack 

When designing this backpacking pack for your canine companion, Ruffwear looked to the features that set the best human backpacks apart. The pack is constructed from water-resistant nylon with padded mesh directly over your dog’s back where most of the weight is borne. In terms of organization, the pack uses two removable saddle bags that each have three separate compartments - large, medium, and small – for optimal organization of your dog’s gear. However, all this organization adds significant weight so that the pack weighs in at more than two pounds when both saddle bags are attached. The harness system is easy to adjust and comfortable for most dogs, although reaching the buckles and nylon webbing requires removing the saddle bags temporarily. The pack also comes with two collapsible one-liter water bottles that fit into the large compartment. The top of the harness system features a large, comfortable grab handle and a single metal leash attachment point, but no place to attach identification patches.


  • Water-resistant nylon construction and padded nylon over dog’s back
  • Lots of pockets for custom organization
  • Comes with two collapsible water bottles


  • A bit heavy for some
  • Requires removing saddle bags to adjust harness

Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Bungee Dog Leash

The Excellent Elite Spanker tactical dog leash is made from heavy duty nylon with a bungee core to provide a solid degree of springiness for when you want to control your dog without jerking them around by the neck. One of the features that makes this leash unique is the set of nylon loops on the upper half of the leash, which can be used in conjunction with the carabiner on the end of the leash to adjust the overall length of the leash. However, users noted that the carabiner that comes with the leash is thin and likely to break, and many replaced it with a larger climbing-style carabiner. The nylon loops are also good for clipping attachments such as a poop bag holder or flashlight to the leash. Users also appreciated the padded grab handle near the collar end of the leash, which allows you to take tight control of your dog without chafing your hand excessively. The color attachment uses a metal lobster clasp that is extremely sturdy and didn’t release for users testing this leash on large dogs.


  • Bungee interior for smoother control
  • Padded grab handle close to collar
  • Nylon loops for changing leash length and adding accessories


  • Standard carabiner on end of leash is thin and could break easier than others

OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Bungee Leash 

The OneTigris bungee leash takes a more traditional approach to the tactical leash design than the one from Excellent Elite Spanker. Instead of a carabiner-adjusted leash length, this leash is uninterrupted bungee-core 1000D nylon throughout most of its 46.5-inch length. On the handle end, the nylon loop is somewhat thin and does not have padding, so expect some hand pain if your dog tends to pull frequently. However, the grab handle close to the collar end is padded with EVA to give you plenty of cushion and control over your dog. One of the major issues with this leash is that users repeatedly report that the clasp that attaches the leash to the collar can be ripped off the leash with one strong jerk from a dog. Although this seems to be a randomized quality control issue rather than a fundamental design flaw, the clasp breaking off can quickly turn into a dangerous situation.


  • Bungee interior for smooth control of your dog
  • EVA padding in grab loop near collar


  • Hand loop at end of leash is not padded
  • Metal clasp can break off of leash with a major jerk

RC Pet Products Pocket First Aid Kit 

The RC Pet Products first aid kit has most of the items you need to treat any small cuts and wounds that result from brambles, rocks, or even minor bites and scratches from other dogs. Although many of the items are the same as you would find in any human first aid kit, users loved this kit for how small it packs up – the pouch is hardly larger than a credit card on either side. The small size allows it to be easily stuffed in a tactical dog backpack or clipped to a leash or your belt with the included carabiner. One minor issue that users noted was that the zipper on the pouch is heavy duty to the point that gravity forces it to slowly fall and open the pouch on its own during long walks. In addition to the wound treatment items already in the kit, users recommended adding styptic swabs and a tick remover key since these are likely to come in handy for your dog.


  • Very small and easy to pack or attach via carabiner
  • Comes with most of what you need to treat minor cuts and scratches


  • Heavy zipper can unzip on its own over time
  • Could use additional styptic swabs and tick remover key

LOVOUS Tactical Travel Carry Bag 

The LOVOUS pouch is intended as an accessory to add to any MOLLE-capable tactical dog vest or harness, but can also be carried by the stainless steel carabiner on the back of the pouch if you would wish to use it with a leash or backpack. However, some users found that the single stitching on the MOLLE attachment webbing and poor quality on the two buckles that hold the pouch in place within the carry system can lead to failure and the pouch being dropped. The main compartment is cylindrical and is designed to fit a standard one-liter wide-mouth Nalgene bottle with room to spare. The smaller pouch is good for holding small items like a first aid kit or poop bags, and the entire bag is covered in nylon hoops to enable attaching additional accessories. Users appreciated the heavy duty zippers, although they found that they could be difficult to open with one hand, which slowed down access.


  • Holds a standard one-liter Nalgene bottle plus additional items in outer compartment
  • Designed to work with MOLLE carry system or via carabiner


  • MOLLE attachment webbing is single stitched and buckles tend to snap open with a little tugging
  • Zippers are hard to operate with one hand

COMSUN Collapsible Dog Bowl

The COMSUN collapsible silicone bowl is perfect for taking anywhere your dog goes to be able to give them food and water. The bowl is small and lightweight, and when not in use can be collapsed to nearly flat and carried via a carabiner attachment point. When it is time to use it, the bowl instantly pops open to hold up to two cups of food or water. The silicone is easy to wash and dry, even when camping in the backcountry, and the bright colors make the bowl easy to spot when it is thrown into a backpack. Users consistently report that this bowl works exactly as advertised, with no leaks and no plastic odors even after months of use in all conditions. The only extra feature that users would have liked to see is for the bowl to work with a lid so it could be used as a food carrier inside your dog’s backpack.


  • Small, lightweight, and easily collapsible
  • No leaks or plastic odors
  • Durable and inexpensive


  • Does not work with lids

Ruffwear Kibble Kaddy Portable Dog Food Carrier

The Ruffwear stuff sack-style bag is designed to help you carry up to 42 cups of dog food – about 10 pounds – with you wherever you are travelling with you dog. The carrier has a roll-top design that allows a wide opening for pouring food into the bag, sealing it when done, and compressing the bag as food is progressively taken out of the bag. The roll-top also serves as a convenient carry handle, although there is also a padded handle on the side of the bag. Ruffwear included an opening on the side of the bag as a mechanism for pouring out food, but users worried that they would catch the magnetic closure on something and spill the food out so many simply duct-taped it closed. The presence of this opening also prevents the carrier from being fully waterproof and moisture-resistant. An important design aspect that users appreciated was the internal lining, which prevents nearly all dog foods from leaking oil through the bag – although users found that especially oily foods may start to seep through after several years of use.


  • Carries up to 10 pounds of dog food
  • Roll-top design provides extra carry handle and compression
  • Lining prevents dog food oil from seeping through the bag


  • Opening on bottom of bag is poorly protected and prevents carrier from being waterproof – most users taped the lid closed

What is Tactical Dog Gear?

What’s the difference between your everyday dog gear and tactical dog gear? Although tactical vests, collars, and backpacks may have the same fundamental design ideas in mind as their ordinary counterparts, every inch of tactical products are designed with rugged durability and adaptability in mind. Tactical gear is meant to withstand a beating, whether from rocks and bramble, other dogs or people, or even severe weather. As a result, tactical products are typically built from high-strength 1000D nylon and include metal or impact-grade plastic attachment points that are more resistant to force and wear than those found on typical dog gear.

Tactical gear is also meant to provide security and versatility in that it provides the ability to quickly and easily control your dog, typically by providing multiple attachment points and grab handles. Unlike a standard leash and collar system, having attachment points on your dog’s body allows you to pull your dog from the body, where you can apply more force without causing whiplash. In addition, many tactical dog harnesses enable you to safely carry your dog, in case you need to do so in the field.

Just as important, tactical gear enables you to outfit your dog with supplies and identification patches and to change them out quickly as needed. Many tactical dog vests are designed with a military-style MOLLE – Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment – carrying system that works with any number of aftermarket or custom-made pouches, bags, and attachable equipment.

Features to Look for in Tactical Dog Gear


Tactical dog gear is meant to be durable in even the roughest conditions, so it’s essential that the construction is durable and that the points that receive the most pressure from a jerking dog are reinforced. The best way to gauge whether the construction is solid is to check customer reviews, since users will notice immediately if there are common points of breakage on a piece of gear. In general, nylon webbing should be double-stitched at the points that receive the most pressure or are most critical to the functioning of a vest or leash. Attachment points on collars and leashes should typically be metal for durability, although it is also important that the connection between the metal and nylon is sturdy. Although plastic buckles are common on tactical dog harnesses to reduce weight, make sure that the plastic is thick and sturdy rather than flimsy since it is likely to be worn with use.

Interchangeable Patches

A minor but important component of tactical dog collars and vests is a Velcro strip on which you can place several identification patches. These patches are essential for service dogs to identify them to outsiders and can help convey important information in case your dog ever gets lost.


It is a virtual certainty that your dog will get dirty and get your brand-new collar or harness covered in mud or mucky water. Since your gear will likely need to be cleaned frequently throughout its lifetime, it helps significantly if the gear is machine washable. However, even some vests that are rated for machine washing can suffer in the wash, so be sure to check customer reviews. Most dog gear that cannot handle the washing machine or dryer must be dried by hand in the sink or with a hose.

Vests: Quarter vs. Full Lengths

Tactical dog vests come in either quarter or full-length sizes, which are designed to serve very different purposes. Quarter-length vests are typically designed to give you a grab handle to control your dog close to you and provide an area for affixing identification patches, but don’t provide much more. Full-length vests, on the other hand, typical offer one or two grab handles, which can allow you to carry your dog, as well as one or two leash attachment points. Full-length vests provide more protection for your dog, but can also be less breathable in the summer and more challenging to put on your dog than quarter-length vests. Many full-length vests also come with a MOLLE-compatible carry system so that your dog can carry additional gear.

Vests: Size and Fit

Whenever choosing a tactical dog vest, it is essential that the vest is a good fit for your dog. Poorly fitting vests can be insecure, allowing your dog to escape, or cause chafing that can be painful for your dog during long trips or with a loaded carry system. While most manufacturers offer sizing charts for their individual products, be sure to check customer reviews to learn whether a vest fits true to size or runs larger or smaller than advertised. Another consideration is whether the vest sags to one side when it is weighted down, although this can be difficult to determine without actually trying out the vest on your dog.

Vests: Padding and Breathability

Along with size and fit, padding and breathability are important considerations for your dog’s comfort when wearing a tactical dog harness. The chest strap is a frequent point of chafing for vests that are not well padded, and many vests that have nylon mesh on the vest itself neglect to pad the hard nylon webbing that straps the vest to your dog. If you plan to be out in the summer, especially with a furry dog, also consider whether the harness has plenty of mesh panels to allow air circulation – otherwise, your dog can quickly overheat trapped in the vest and carrying gear. Heavier vests without mesh padding can be good for winter though, when the vest can provide additional warmth as well as a way to carry gear.

Vests: MOLLE Carrying System

The Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) carrying system that was initially designed for military use is now found on nearly all tactical dog vests because of its versatility. This system allows you to attach any MOLLE-compatible pouches and saddle bags to your dog’s vest so that you can customize the additional gear they are carrying. Vests that come with a set of matching MOLLE-compatible pouches provide additional value and save you from additional aftermarket purchases. In addition, bungee cordage on the top of a vest can provide extra space for and quick access to smaller items that you or your dog use frequently.

Vests: Handles and Attachment Points

Tactical dog vests vary in the number of grab handles and leash attachment points they offer, but typically more is better. Having only one grab handle allows you to control your dog, but doesn’t leave you with an easy way to carry your dog using the vest. Similarly, while only one leash attachment point is strictly necessary, having a second attachment point gives you more flexibility in choosing how tightly you want to control your dog.

If you have a Pup - You need to consider the right gear!

Whether you’re bringing your dog out on an extended backcountry adventure or using them as a service dog, it makes sense to outfit them with the gear they need just as you would outfit yourself. Tactical dog gear takes traditional dog gear to a new level of reliability thanks to the typically reinforced construction and attention to design details such as multiple control points and control points. With a full array of tactical dog gear, your dog will be ready to safely accompany you through even the roughest conditions.

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