Should Preppers Have a Faraday Bag

Is a Faraday Bag Right For You?

What in the world is a Faraday bag? The answer is interesting and the reasons for owning one can be quite scary and shocking. If you are at all familiar with the threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Coronal Mass Ejections, the detonation of a HEMP or just a situation where power is out in any of the three major grids of the United States, you have likely heard the term Faraday.

For the uninitiated I will make this brief. The term Faraday bag comes from the scientist Michael Faraday who observed that under the right circumstances excess electrical charge moves through an exterior conductor and has no influence on anything inside the conductor. Fast forward to today. A Faraday bag is made of a material that blocks electric fields from passing through it. The bag not only protects electronics from being fried by an EMP blast, they also block radio and cellular signals to protect critical technologies from being hacked.

From a Prepper perspective, it is important to know that there are three major power grids that keep the lights on for the whole of the nation. Texas has its own and there is one that feeds the east and one that feeds the west. These hubs of electric power literally power our entire country.

If one of these grids were to collapse or to be attacked, it would be a massive catastrophe. The worst-case scenario is that all three are destroyed by the power of the suns mass ejections of power resulting in an electromagnetic pulse or a high-altitude nuclear strike over the country. Any of these could be powerful enough to render those three grids powerless and relatively irreparable.

Basically, America would be thrust backwards into the early 1800’s. Everything from water purification to all commerce would cease. Most experts agree that a sudden total grid down situation would be catastrophic for society.

There is an answer to preserving some of your electronics and protecting them from an EMP blast. It’s called a Faraday Cage (or Fraday Bag) and it uses insulation to protect against all major signals. A Faraday cage can be made from a simple metal trash can with a lid. The inside is coated with simple foam or rubber and the container can be filled with those electronics you wish to save from the blast.

These could be things like:

  • Backup Computers
  • Solar Panels and Batteries
  • Communication Devices
  • Light Sources

What Is A Faraday Bag and How Does it Work?

Technology moves fast these days. What once took some building and modifications can now be had in a convenient insulated bag. These Faraday bags are for sale all over the internet (small bagmedium baglarge bag) and they are an option for those who are concerned about the power of signals, in general. They can do more for you than just thwart the EMP disaster.

Of course, finding the right Faraday bag is important.

These bags come in various sizes and have even become part of the average show or concert goers experience. When you go see big acts play live, they often give you a little bag to lock your phone in. These often have Faraday style insulating capabilities. Since people are so bad at silencing their cellphones people have figured out how to stop the noise from bothering others.

​Prepper EMP Protection

Regarding the EMP these bags are tremendous and come designed to house computers, smart phones, portable handheld radios, solar power chargers, etc. Anything with electronic circuits in it could potentially get fried. Be sure to consider what electronics are most critical to you after such a disaster.

Unfortunately, you won’t know when an EMP will hit but you can have a couple backup units stowed away in EMP bags for the moment when the unthinkable happens. Also be sure to stock your off the grid prepper library with these books in case your computer goes down (or the internet for that matter).

There will be a lot to contend with if we lose our power grid and electronics from an EMP hit. Desperation, fear and disease will likely be the worst of it. However, your access to your critical electronics could be used to your advantage or to barter with.

Faraday Bags Protect Against Hacking

Faraday bags can provide protection from more than just EMP events. In this age of easy money in a hurry, hackers and criminals seem to know no bounds when it comes to what they will do to ruin your life.

The Faraday bag could insulate your personal items from the following signals and disruptions.

  • 3/4G Signals
  • Bluetooth Blocking
  • RFID Blocking
  • WIFI Blocking
  • GPS Blocking

We have all heard about the importance of RFID blocking wallets to assure your personal cards and accounts. The bags can also protect you from the dangers of public WIFI and the hacking that happens if you simply forget to turn your WIFI off.

One of the most interesting abilities of these bags is the ability to block GPS signal. Your phone is a tracking device and just having it on your person means you can easily be found by people with even limited technologies.

If personal security is important to you, and privacy, having one of these bags allows you to go dark in a way that not many technologies allow. There is almost always some sort of signal coming into your device whether you try to turn them off or not.

Who Uses Faraday Bags Today

These powerful Faraday bags are currently in use by several high-level performers in our society. Aside from just personal security they are used by:

  • Police
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Military
  • Counter Terrorism

For the obvious reasons mentioned in our hacking section, this technology is very useful to the organizations mentioned. They also act as hardening tools to assure that equipment can withstand any sort of EMP attack that might be levied on the population or on the battlefield.

Should You Get a Faraday Bag?

The big question in all of this is whether the Faraday bag makes sense for you. This is a very personal question but now that you understand the threats that exist and the solutions they can provide, you will be able to make that decision.

If you are truly concerned about a grid down scenario brought on by an EMP event, having the latest technology to protect your devices just makes sense. It’s one of the few modern technologies that will work against that force.

The added benefits of personal privacy and security are unmatched in terms of making one purchase to cover all things. There is nothing on the market that will protect from all these threats in one package. In my humble opinion all preppers should at least explore and consider what a Faraday bag can do for their overall preparedness level. A small investment today could be invaluable later (small bag, medium bag, large bag)!

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