5 Things Preppers Focus On Too Much

5 Things Preppers Focus On Too Much!

Disclaimer for all readers! We are not dissuading anyone from studying, buying, storing or using any of the following things. I believe that everything below is worth consideration for all Preppers! The message here is about time, energy, and resources used on certain activities. Everyone has limited resources, so we need to be careful about where we spend them.

An efficient survivor is one that will thrive in any scenario. Let’s all strive to be more efficient with our time as we prepare for life’s uncertainties.

In my humble opinion, the following 5 topics are a few things that some Preppers spend too much of their resources on considering the realities of most emergency situations. Everyone will have a difference of opinion on this topic, so please hang in there with me!

1) Guns and Ammo

There I said it – now after the shock has worn off, let’s explore the logic.  There is this idea that you need an arsenal if you are going to be a Prepper. You must have all these guns and all this ammo. Maybe it’s more of a perception than reality, nevertheless the myth exists for some and is flawed in my opinion.

I am not sure what the game plan is with all those guns. How many people are you arming and what are you planning on doing if you must leave home.

Guns and ammo are heavy. There is only so much you can carry. The rest gets left behind, and you are then arming the people who might eventually find it and do harm to you or others!

There are a lot of Preppers who spend way too much money on guns and modifications. Is it a good move for survival or disaster preparedness?

I say spend the money on more water, tools and food. These things will always have value. You cannot eat ammunition.  

Consider your current supplies and ask yourself - if we had a real emergency and things got bad (like really bad) - am I more likely to run out of food and water or ammunition?  If you said food and water, maybe you should spend a little more of your resources there.

If you want my honest thoughts on guns. They are as follows.

A pellet gun is about the best small game gun you can get your hands on. I have had .22 rifles in my hands in the past, but I am just not that enthused.

Pellets are just cheaper and carry so much better! So why bother with the .22? I know its popular but keep it cheap and efficient. It doesn’t get much better than a pellet gun.

A 9mm handgun is a similar story and plenty firepower to deter people.

Then, of course, you have the 12-gauge shotgun. There is no foe on our continent that the 12 gauge cannot dispatch. It can handle everything on 4 legs or two.

Beyond that you are just padding, in my opinion. IF you enjoy guns, enjoy them. From a survival standpoint, these three will get the job done and cover your needs. Anything beyond that is just not portable or required to survive most scenarios.

2) Primitive Skills 

If you find yourself in a situation where you have nothing on your person and there are no resources around you, primitive skills could be beneficial.

But let’s be honest, when is that ever going to happen? We are Preppers - we have bags and pouches and gear on top of gear.

Why on earth are we focusing so much on using things like bone, rock, sticks and stone. Its easy to argue that native cultures across the world were the great masters of using clay, rock, bone and stone. They made incredible knives and arrow heads as well as incredible needles.

Do you know what happened when they saw metal? They fell in love with it! Considering the strength and durability of metal, I agree. For most cultures bone and rock went out the door once they could trade for metal.

Primitive skills have their place in a survivor’s toolkit, but they shouldn’t be your go to method for creating cutting tools. They should not be your go to method for something as important as fire. Its more of a merit badge than it is anything else.

Stick with fire starters, water filters, mylar blankets, portable tents, MREs, solar power chargers, and more! Have a good set of gear and primitive skills will become redundant and unused.

Be sure you spend your resources wisely as a Prepper!  Check out our tips!  #Prepper #Gear #SHTF #Survival #Bushcraft #Hunting #TheSimplePrepper #Fishing #Traps

3) Militaristic Combat Scenarios

So often I see articles about body armor or combat techniques. Honestly, I find them interesting and read them from time to time.

However, the one thing you must remember above all is that you are not a fighting force, you are a family. When the military goes into battle, loss of life is a real possibility.

Who is your acceptable loss? Your son? Your Wife?

You don’t have acceptable losses, so you need to focus more on avoiding contact and, by all means, avoiding conflict. This should be your most important goal.

The worst-case scenario you can find yourself in is exchanging fire with a hostile element. This is not a movie. Things are not going to work out in your favor.

If conflict comes, having the ability to retreat and defend are important but thinking about any kind of offensive is just inappropriate if your family is involved.

Also, you don’t want to put yourself at risk. If you are reading this, you are likely a critical element to your family’s preparedness plan. What happens to your family if you get shot in an altercation?

Study the grey man technique and avoid main roads, people and conflict at all costs.

4) Hunting Food

Lots of people are depending on their hunting skills to upgrade rapidly when SHTF. Hunting is not an easy thing at all. Its even harder when the woods are full of other people! Imagine trying to hunt a deer when a whole host of other people are after the same deer.

Now imagine that 20% of them know how to hunt, maybe. The others are just traipsing through the woods making noise. Hunting is going to be hard. Harder than it is already. If you think you are going to run out into he woods with the crossbow or rifle and come home with a bag of game, you will be surprised.

There are lots of other ways to get food like fishing and trapping. Traps can be hidden, and fishing can be passive, as well. Get yourself out of harms way and be sure that you have the traps (link and link), line and hooks (link) to make these things possible.

Don’t forget about hunting but be sure its not your only method of food procurement.

5) Faraday Cages 

The Preppers EMP ark, the faraday cage, is designed to protect your electronics from the power of an EMP blast. This blast can originate from the sun or from a high-altitude nuclear blast. Either way experts believe it could kill the majority of electronics if it has enough power.

An EMP report published by a commission of experts estimated that 90% of the American population would die in the first year of a collapse grid SHTF scenario. Its serious.

A faraday cage, while a great Prepper DIY, is only as good as what goes inside and what you can yield from it. For it to work, you must sacrifice electronics to the faraday cage. These things must always be in there. This is a money investment for most people. Don’t build the cage unless you have the thing to go inside!

You should also have items inside that will be helpful if the grid is down. Two radios might be good for family comms but how well will an emergency radio work? Not sure. Short wave backup would be a great option, but I don’t know how much help police scanners will be.

Remember, you won’t have access to the internet so those devices that depend on it will basically be glorified eBook and picture storage. Just keep that in mind when you consider building a faraday cage. You should probably spend more time learning how to live off grid as that will help you in the long run.

However, I firmly believe in storing personal financial files in backups using a faraday cage. This means that if the grid goes down and comes back up, you have a copy for your own records. I feel better with a copy of my bank statements to try and establish my account balances in case things get lost. Check out more here.

The only sacrifice in this instance is buying a small affordable faraday cage and saving some files to a thumb drive.

Prep For Your Own situation!

While it might seem like everything you read is prepping gospel, its not. You have to weigh everything against two budgets. One is the financial budget and the other is the budget of your time. We only have so much time to devote to this prepping journey. Let’s be sure we aren’t spending too much time on those things that won’t help us in a true disaster.

We are all guilty of exaggerated focus on one thing or another. This could be because of fear or anxiety. Those are usually the likely culprits.

What’s important is that you course correct and move on and do what is right for your family!