Top Prepper Conventions for 2019

Find the Best Prepper Shows 2019 for your area!

****UPDATE – Check out our Best Prepper Shows for 2020 here****

One of the BEST ways to develop as a Prepper is to find like minded individuals and groups to engage with and learn from. Lucky for us Preppers, there are tons of prepper shows and prepper conventions to visit across the country. Come find the best Prepper and Survival tools and gear – learn from the experts – practice your survival skills – and have a good time!

Check out these Prepper shows to find one near you in 2019. The list will update during the year as we find more shows!







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Find the top Prepper Conventions and Prepper Shows in your area in 2019!

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11 thoughts on “Top Prepper Conventions for 2019”

  1. I am afraid you are correct… Too few are supporting local shows, meaning every year there are fewer and fewer. I will update my 2020 Prepper Show post soon and hope this trend does not continue any longer!

  2. UNless you count various gun shows masquerading as a prepper show, there were very little true prepper shows in 2019.

    Even in prepper central (utah) both prePpercoN and utah prepared were canceled for 2019, and preppercon still has not schedUled anything for 2020 yet (if they do A show at all).

    I’m afraid that many folks view trump in the white house as an all clear signal, ignoring the damage earthquakes, fires, floods, etc. can cause – regardless of who is in the white house.

  3. Unfortunately no… Let me know if you find anything! There was an event in 2018, but it has not happened yet in 2019 and I can’t find it scheduled anywhere.

  4. I am not aware of any Prepper Conventions in California for 2019! Let me know if you find one and I will add to my list.

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