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Are you familiar with the following terms?

Bug Out Bag (BOB), Every Day Carry (EDC), Faraday Cage, ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP), Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), SHTF (self explanatory), Bug Out, Without Rule of Law (WROL)

Congratulations!  Chances are you are a well versed and a well prepared Prepper!  Two thumbs up!

If these phrases are like another language to you, don't worry we are here to help!  

The Simple Prepper is a survival blog devoted to providing high quality content related to topics such as disaster preparedness, emergency survival, prepper kits, self-reliance, and personal defense.  

Our mission is to make prepping easy and fun.  

Huge global catastrophes are worth considering and preparing for, but more importantly we want our readers to be prepared for the more likely scenarios - short-term power outages, massive ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes just to name a few.  If everyone was prepared for at least 72 hours, we would all be safer and better prepared!

Through simple and engaging content, we educate our readers on how to easily be prepared for possible emergencies while also looking for ways to make it simple, affordable, and multi-functional.  We believe that being prepared is common sense, but it doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.

Check out our articles and follow us regularly to stay prepared!

Who is Prepper Aaron?

Prepper Aaron is a father of 3 boys who grew up with a passion for nature.  I was brought up in the Midwest under the mantra “ALWAYS BE PREPARED!”  

For me the hobby became a reality as I started having a family.  Suddenly tornado watches and epic ice storms during the winter brought a stark realization that me and my family may not be prepared to deal with a real emergency situation.  From then on, I have sought easy and fun ways to be prepared for whatever the world may throw our way.  

I don’t want to build a supply stock that collects dust.  I always look for ways to use my Prepper supplies and Prepper gear in other ways (camping, hiking, etc.).  

I hope you enjoy my site and make prepping an enjoyable hobby for you and help to ensure you can survive any type of situation that may occur!

Key Prepper Terms to Know!

  • BOB - Bug Out Bag
  • BOL - Bug Out Location
  • BOV - Bug Out Vehicle
  • BSTS - Better Safe Than Sorry
  • BUG - Back Up Gun
  • CCW - Concealed Carry Weapon
  • CME - Coronal Mass Ejection
  • EDC - Everyday Carry
  • EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse
  • EOD - End of Days
  • EOTW - End of the World
  • FAK - First Aid Kit
  • FIFO - First In First Out
  • GHB - Get Home Bag
  • GOOD - Get Out Of Dodge
  • HEMP - High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
  • JIC - Just In Case
  • MRE - Meal Ready To Eat
  • NBC - Nuclear Biological Chemical
  • PSK - Personal Survival Kit
  • SHTF - Stuff Hits The Fan
  • TBTF - Too Big To Fail
  • TEOTWAWKI - The End Of the World As We Know It
  • TPTB - The Powers That Be
  • WROL - Without The Rule of Law
  • YOYO - You're On Your Own