How to Score Big on Amazon Prime Day 2018

Unless you live under a rock, you are well aware of the biggest online merchant in the world – Amazon.  Starting in 2014, Amazon introduced Prime Day – dubbed their biggest sale event of the year.  Typically in mid July, the day long sale (although it’s longer this year) features hundreds of thousands of deals.  As a resourceful Prepper, I use Amazon Prime day to my advantage and scan the site for awesome deals on survival, outdoor, emergency, camping, hiking, and hunting gear (sometimes upwards of 60-80% off).  To start off, let’s go through the basics of Amazon Prime day.


  • Life Straw (link) - LIVE 
  • Gerber Bear Grylls Multi-Took save 20% (link) - LIVE
  • Pre-made 72 Hour Kit save 10% (link) - LIVE
  • Zippo Typhoon Matches save 20% (link) - LIVE
  • Coleman Gear/Tents save 20% (link) - LIVE
  • Zippo Mag Strike (link) - LIVE
  • DrySak Waterproof Dry Bag (link) - LIVE
  • Martin Archery Bows save 20% (link) - LIVE
  • SABRE Stun Gun / Pepper Spray save 20% (link) - LIVE
  • UTG Tactical Vest save 20% (link) - LIVE

  • Work/Home First Aid Kit (link) - LIVE 3:00pm EST
  • Pelican Elite 20 Quart Cooler (link) - LIVE 7:09pm EST
  • 12 Pack Mylar Emergency Blanket (link) - LIVE 7:15pm EST
  • 4 Pack Favofit Aluminum Carabiner Clips (link) - LIVE 7:30pm EST
  • Life Straw Gravity Filter (link) - LIVE 8:40pm EST
  • Travel First Aid Kit (link) - LIVE 4:14pm EST
  • Inflatable Lounger (link) - LIVE 4:59pm EST
  • Survival Filter Pro (link) - LIVE

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2018 will begin at 3 p.m. ET on Monday, July 16 and will run through Tuesday, July 17.

How do you Buy on Amazon Prime Day?

Deals will be posted to this page on Prime Day, and will change ALL THE TIME!  Be sure to check back on the link often to see what is out there.

To participate in Amazon Prime day you do need to be an “Amazon Prime” member.  So if you don’t have a membership already, but found an awesome deal you need to snag before they sell out, then sign up for a FREE 30-day trial sometime before Prime Day officially starts.

What are the best ways to be ready for deals?

  • Be sure to bookmark this page and check it often.  I will be updating with information as we get closer to Amazon Prime Day.
  • Be sure you have Amazon Prime (or the free trial) before July 16th.  Once the day has started and deals are live, some of them can go pretty fast.
  • Create your own shopping list beforehand.  Below is a list of top gear that I would recommend checking out to see if you can score any great deals that meet your Prepping needs.  Also, create a list by category instead of individual product.  If you know you need a generator, or tent, or anything else, identify the need first, then be ready to pull the trigger when you find the right product.
  • In general I would recommend sticking with top brand names.  Amazon negotiates hard with its suppliers to ensure that Amazon will offer the lowest price of the year on certain products.  If it’s a trusted brand, then there is little to worry about in terms of quality.  Off brand products you may need to inspect and research a little bit more before buying and the product could sell out before you are ready to purchase.

Shopping List - Top gear picks to search for deals

  • Tactical LED Flashlight – Fenix PD-35 (link)
  • Portable Water Filter – Katadyn Hiker Pro (link)
  • Portable Stove – MSR Whisperlite Universal (link)
  • Small Portable Solar Panel – Goal Zero Nomad 7 (link)
  • Survival Tomahawk – SOG Survival Hawk (link)
  • Bowie Knife – SOG Speciality (link)
  • Tactical Watch – Casio G-Shock (link)
  • Dress Tactical Watch – Timex (link)
  • Survival Radio – Running Snail (link)
  • Survival Food Pouch – Mountain House (link)
  • Survival Food 10 Can – Mountain House (link)
  • Survival Food 30 Day Supply – Augason Farms (link)
  • Tactical Backpack – 5.11 Rush 72 (link)
  • Medium Portable Solar Panel – Goal Zero Nomad 13 (link)
  • Large Portable Solar Panel – Goal Zero Nomad 20 (link)
  • Portable Power Cell – Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus (link)
  • Paracord Bracelet – Diroca Outdoor (link)
  • Basic Paracord Bracelet – Friendly Swede (link)
  • Paracord – 550 Grade Nylon (link)
  • First Aid Kit – Adventure Medical Kit (link)
  • First Aid Kit – MFASCO (link)
  • Deluxe First Aid Kit – Lighting X (link)
  • Tactical Gloves – Mechanix (link)
  • Shooting Gloves – FREETOO (link)
  • Cut Resistant Gloves – Youngstown (link)
  • Tactical Backpack for Laptops – 5.11 Tactical COVRT18 (link)
  • Survival Hatchet – Schrade SCAXE10 (link)
  • Throwing Tomahawks – SOG Throwing Hawks (link)
  • Tactical Tomahawk – M48 (link)
  • Large Bowie Knife – Schrade SCHF45 (link)
  • Multi-Tool – Gerber (link)
  • Tactical Pen – BellFyd (link)
  • Portable Shower – NEMO Helio (link)
  • Pocket Shower – Sea to Summit (link)
  • Camping Soap – Sierra Dawn (link)
  • Camping Quick Dry Towels – Youphoria (link)

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